The indigenous shaman Angaangaq comes from Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland). Shamanism is a spiritual practice of indigenous people that teaches the interconnectedness of the individual with nature as well as the whole creation. The theme of the event relates to the current pandemic, which is causing the world population to freeze in fear and is indicative of the limits of Western science. Angaangaq offers a different view of the situation, attempting to take away the feeling of powerlessness and alienation and instead opening up to the possibility of healing mother nature for the collective. The specialty of this event is that it is a BiPoC contribution about an indigenous form of knowledge that is often met with rejection and criticism in the global North. One example is orthodox medicine as a recognised scientific doctrine of western industrial societies vs. the herbal healing medicine of indigenous people. A festival that aims at the decolonisation of knowledge should not only show colonial structures in different sectors, but also present forms of knowledge that have been displaced as a result of colonization and emphasize their value. There is only the circle – to which we all belong, the yellow, the black, the red and the white people. It is time to bring the individuals and the community together. I long for the day that unites us all – to bring forth people of one nation.

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