Peace Ecology is a framework that has been developed by Proterra NGO within its work with local communities and Indigenous people in Colombia. This framework aims to transform the relationships that societies have established with their natural environment, understanding the role of the nature within the context of socio-environmental and armed conflict in the country, as well as the global struggle to change the current paradigma that frames nature as a commodity for consumption and exploitation. The neocolonial development model is not only aggressive with nature but also with cultural, local and ancestral knowledge. Within this proposal, we are developing pedagogical strategies to rebuild the link between our societies and their natural environments, to recognize the diversity and dynamics of each territory, the livelihoods, knowledge and traditions of the communities that live and coevolve there, to strengthen self-governance systems, enhancing social fabric and empowerment of diverse voices of the territory, and to promote community participation and advocacy for the transformation and care of life. Through these strategies, we weave relationships between distant actors and contribute to the reconciliation of the human and nature with local communities and diverse actors.

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