Over the day Mapacho drives his mototaxi along one peruvian amazon city. At night he indulges to Marcia, a trans stylist that will do her utmost to retain him. But Mapacho doesn’t love her, and let flow his tropical passion and grasp to Karina, a single mother money need. Love, desire, skin, emotions, joined in this triangle love, that will change their lives forever. Carlos Marín Tello (Peru, 1968) studied film and communication. He is a specialist in educational fiction, social marketing, also with experience in series, radio novels and documentaries. Since 2005 he worked as an assistant director in many Peruvian films. He currently lives in Ucayali where he develops his cinematographic projects. He is co-founder of the Amazonian Film School. Official trailer: (Spanish with english subtitles)

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